Again: Shell-fm.

This time for Mac Os X Snow Leopard.

(note: this is not a ssh session on my raspberry pi; it’s really on my mac!)
As briefly explained in my last post (, installing shell-fm on a debian-based system was quite easy thanks to apt-get & synaptic & all the good stuff that debian comes with.

On Os X things differ a little bit. We do not have apt-get or synaptic, and even if you try to install Fink (alternative to apt-get for mac) some packages are too old or not existing at all.

First thing to do to is to download Pkg-config for mac(google it, is on sourceforge), libmad and shell-fm (this one via git, that meaning you should have git installed on your system).

  1. Install pkgconfig.pkg.
  2. Unzip libmad and enter in it with a terminal shell.
  3. Type usuals ./configure followed by a make and then a sudo make install .
  4. Now the tricky part:
    1. type nano /usr/lib/pkgconfig/mad.pc to create a file that is used by pkg-config during the making of shell-fm.
    2. A command line editor appears and fill it with this


Name: mad
Description: MPEG audio decoder
Version: 0.15.1b
Libs: -L${libdir} -lmad
Cflags: -I${includedir}

Then give a ctrl-x followed by a Y and then Enter.

You’ve just created that file.
Now enter shell-fm directory(created by git) and give a make and then a sudo make install    .
shell-fm is now ready to be launched on your mac.
I’m disappointed with this long process on a Mac.
They should learn package handling from debian systems and similars.


Here is my configuration file for speeding up startup of my shell-fm.
You have to put these things inside  ~/.shell-fm/shell-fm.rc   (maybe using nano like you’ve done a few lines above in this post)
(  ~   is your home directory ) 



Then ctrl-x  and  y and enter to save the file and exit.

Snow Leopard, Audio, Volume, Headphones, Keyboard

Long story short. EDIT: found another person here ( ) with same problem.
When I put my Mac (with Snow Leopard) to sleep with the Stop command, the next time I wake up the system, the audio keys on my keyboard no longer work.
It’s a well known bug, that Apple still ignores.
At the moment I can only solve this problem logging me out and in again.
Checking in system preferences at the keyboard voice, is also good because there might be a checked box that say to use the function keys as , well, classical function keys in all computer in this world.
If so, uncheck it and everything works fine.
Silly bug. Could it be a problem with screensavers? I don’t know yet, but I will update this post if I find an elegant solution. And also please let me know if you solve this bug, I’ll send you a completely free bag of air from Sardinia (worth at least $1000)