Rails and rust

It’s almost a day that I’m trying to get things working in here.

I’ve set-up a small home server (actually is my old HP laptop running ubuntu 10.04) with some server applications like apache, mysql-server and other stuff like php5, ruby, and RAILS.

So reading TFM, I’ve installed ruby, then gems and finally rails…

My command history looks something like this:

sudo apt-get install ruby rubygems ...
gem install -y rails

Then I used the rails command to build a new web application, and then I’ve tested if all worked correctly

rails blog
cd blog
ruby script/server

Directed my browser to the famous address(localhost:3000), first I’ve got the message

Welcome aboard

then I decided to refresh the page and then I’ve got

Internal Server Error
private method `gsub!' called for #<Class:0xb6ff44dc>

After that, it been a long road until now, with installs , remove , clean, installs of various combinations of ruby and rails versions…untile I finally decided to give up.

For the last time I was installing RoR, but this time I tried without installing ruby and gems, but I let ubuntu install rails for me

sudo apt-get install rails

After this last command I found that ubuntu installs all that you may need for rails, with only one command.

‘Finally!’ – I said! Let’s try this time if it works!!

Not yet.

‘Maybe there is a problem with WEBrick!’ – I thought, and I’ve installed another ‘web server’ for rails, called Mongrel, and used that to launch my first web app.

sudo apt-get install mongrel
ruby script/server mongrel

Well, in this image, you can find the answer that I found at each refresh of the page…

Welcome aboard!!

…well, thanks man!

Let the journey with rails begin!