Snow Leopard, Audio, Volume, Headphones, Keyboard

Long story short. EDIT: found another person here ( ) with same problem.
When I put my Mac (with Snow Leopard) to sleep with the Stop command, the next time I wake up the system, the audio keys on my keyboard no longer work.
It’s a well known bug, that Apple still ignores.
At the moment I can only solve this problem logging me out and in again.
Checking in system preferences at the keyboard voice, is also good because there might be a checked box that say to use the function keys as , well, classical function keys in all computer in this world.
If so, uncheck it and everything works fine.
Silly bug. Could it be a problem with screensavers? I don’t know yet, but I will update this post if I find an elegant solution. And also please let me know if you solve this bug, I’ll send you a completely free bag of air from Sardinia (worth at least $1000)



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