Update on shell-fm

Today I found another excellent, really really excellent web interface! It is based on ruby, sinatra and jquery!
you can find it here: http://madebynathan.com/2010/06/25/last-fm-on-embedded-systems/

I’ve installed git, ruby and sinatra on my raspberry pi , created the config.yml file and I was good to go!
(shell-fm was already installed on my r-pi following my precedent blog post)
Look here! Isn’t it nice? There’s also Album cover!!!
Nice work!Image

Shell-fm web interface on my Raspberry Pi

If you previously installed shell-fm on your Raspberry Pi and found it great, you’ll find it even more great with this web interface, that let’s you control shell-fm from almost any browser!
Check it out here: http://www.jezra.net/blog/python_shellfm_web_interface


Raspberry pi: no audio after update

I had a mini heart attack when I found that after the last update/upgrade of debian ‘Raspbian’ distro, audio was absent!!!
“here we go!” – I’ve said to myself – “Finally I’ve managed to broken this little pi..” . No audio, only music with HUGE noise! signal was so low!
But after a few minute I typed into a ssh session to the pi, the command “alsamixer” and found that audio was MUTED! Y U NO STAY UNMUTED AFTER UPDATE? everything is fine now.
Never get mini heart attacks for these things!

Raspberry Pi, Last.fm, Shell-fm: a Lightweight Last.fm Radio Player

If you own a Raspberry Pi and also a last.fm account, you should then totally try this out!
Since the Rasp-Pi is a linux box, and since they’ve released the freshly new Raspbian distribution, Shell-fm works here too!
Go to http://nex.scrapping.cc/shell-fm/ and download&compile everything you need (I’ve installed&used synaptic to fetch some libraries), then launch shell-fm !
Works great and it’s command line interface is straightforward!
Here’s a screenshot during a session of ssh from my mac to my rasp-pi box sitting near my router(in a galaxy far far away).
(Audio isn’t that bad, after all.)

Shortcuts for command line interface (commands for network interface via sockets differ)

You can find ANOTHER BONUS(!!!!!!) in my latest post about shell-fm, here( at the end of blogpost ): Again: Shell-fm. | Can’t talk, computing…

AND EVEN MORE BONUS HERE(!!!!!!!) Shell-fm web interface on my Raspberry Pi