Ubuntu, Linux and Wi-Fi problems on an HP laptop

Long time ago I was testing fedora with the ‘new’ version of gnome, gnome3, when suddenly when I was playing with wireless controls, my wifi module won’t go ‘up’, like technicians say. The error was something like

wireless is disabled by hardware switch

and in fact, no light on my pavilion turned on to tell me that wifi is on. No luck with pressing the hardware button to turn wifi module on.

At the time I searched on the interweb and found pretty much nothing, except someone that issued iwconfig commands without getting any farther.

Wireless worked with windows xp (it’s an old old laptop) but not with ubuntu or fedora or others and I didn’t understand why, and since I didn’t have so much free time on my hands I gave up.
Until today.
Now with ubuntu 12.04 I thought things will be different: nope! (It’s chuck testa!)
I did another search and found that this little piece of old electronics (wifi module) has a little switch inside it, maybe is something software, but it was set to be always off at computer start up, only windows could, in some way, turn it on. BIOS settings obviously didn’t help me.
So, what you have to do is download HP Wireless Assistant (for windows), install it, reboot into windows, go to ‘properties’, be sure to check all checkboxes to allow you to modify the state of the wifi module, and finally ‘activate’ your module(activate, not disabled but on), and now when I boot into ubuntu I can finally be online!
A few images showing what result might look like.