Mac Os X, LibreOffice: How to install LibreOffice Language Pack by hand

The fact is that the installation files doesn’t work: when you launch it, it stalls, it doesn’t do anything.
If you right-click the package and look in its contents, you’ll find an apple script that handles all the installation process, that it’s simply an unzipping of the tarball inside the same package.
Let’s do it by hand to save some time and frustration. (Why bad (opensource) software???)


1. Mount your two *.dmg , installation and language pack installation
2. Install LibreOffice (Install it in /Applications)
3. Open in a Finder window the content of Language pack installation
04. You’ll find the Contents folder. Copy it in your Desktop
1It contains this:
25. Open a Terminal window (click spotlight and type Terminal and launch that app)
Type this two lines of commands:
6. cd Desktop/Contents/
/usr/bin/tar -C “/Applications/” -xjf ./tarball.tar.bz2
7. Then close the Terminal and open LibreOffice, go to the preferences and choose your language (FINALLY)
3This is my app translated in italian

Hope it helps! As usual, let me know how it goes for you, and also thanks for your time.

14 pensieri su “Mac Os X, LibreOffice: How to install LibreOffice Language Pack by hand

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  2. Does frenchify the program. But the spreadsheet works no longer. Formulas like SOMME(A1:A9) are no longer accepter: Err: 508 !

  3. Si me ha funcionado, pero en las instrucciones he tenido que quitar las comillas de applications,
    me ha quedado así:

    /usr/bin/tar -C /Applications/ -xjf ./tarball.tar.bz2

    y ni siquiera he tenido que tocar las preferencias de idioma, al abrir el office ya me ha salido en español.

    Muchas gracias

  4. I’ve just tested yed, your Howto doesn’t work with OS 10.9.2 and LibreOffice BUT, instead of using Terminal, you can just, as administrator, run the osx_install.applescript (double click on it, it’s open Applescript Editor) and choose Execute, make the authentication as administrator, and it’s work.

    • Wow! thank you so much for your time! I haven’t tried yet Mavericks! 😦 shame on me! but thanks again for taking time to write your experience, I hope it will be usefull for other that will stumble here and read your comment! all the best! bye 😉

  5. Help!
    I tried to copy both senteces (indeed without ‘and’) but it says this:

    tar: could not chdir to ‘“/Applications/”’

    and so i still cannot find the different languages in the preferences….

    what did i do wrong…..:(

    Grazie mille,



    • Cara Anna togli le virgolette dal path, cioè per me ha funzionato il comando senza virgolette:
      Dear Anna, drop the double-quote characters, for me it worked.

      /usr/bin/tar -C /Applications/ -xjf ./tarball.tar.bz2



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