Mac Mini 4,1, Mac Os X Mountain Lion, HDMI sound not working: Solved.

I’ve had this problem since the first use of Mountain Lion. With Snow Leopard everything worked without problem, except for stuck volume controls (this is why I moved to Mountain Lion).
I searched, over many seas, a solution to this common problem: someone call the apple customer care, some others install modified kexts. I did nothing of the above. Here I show a really simple workaround to start again using your HDMI audio. Keep reading.

My Mac Mini 4,1 is connected via HDMI to my ASUS 22″ 1080p monitor.
When you press option+click on the volume control you’ll see a list of available devices to output your audio. If you have a setup similar to mine, you then have headphones and HDMI monitor option listed. Like this image shows.
0If you select your HDMI monitor, selection goes to the headphones automatically, and also does your audio. Pretty disappointing! It will be more fair not showing me that option!
But let’s move on.

Give a CTRL-Space to open Spotlight and search for midi audio, like this:


In this panel we can see what’s going on in our Mac, you know how they say:



So here is the panel, you’ll se headphones option, and also HDMI. If you click on HDMI and then select Configure button on bottom-right, you’ll be amazed to know that audio works by testing left and right channel!!! Why do they don’t work normally by default then? The answer is: I don’t know!


So what’s next? Hit the plus button bottom-left and then add a combined device(translations may vary)
5And select with device use with this new device. In my case I want audio to go only via the HDMI port, so I checked that. Then right-clicked this new device and told it to be the default one for audio (you can change this also with option+click on volume control). Be sure to have 44100Hz selected (option that worked for my setup).


This is another shot, a useless one, but I can’t just throw it in the bin…it’s always a creation of mine, you know what I mean?

Let’s sums things up: this new device lets you use you HDMI monitor to play audio like it did before. You can personalize your menu, renaming device, hide others, but this is not the point of this post.
Here’s the result:
1And it works like a charm! Without calling Apple Geniuses, installing modified kext (dangerous) and other tricks!
I hope this was somewhat useful to you.
Let me know how it goes, or better solutions in the comments below!
Thanks for your time.


9 pensieri su “Mac Mini 4,1, Mac Os X Mountain Lion, HDMI sound not working: Solved.

  1. yay, your my hero! i finally got HDMI sound working WITHOUT disconnecting headphones first, thanks to your guide. i also didn’t know the option+click “trick” until now.
    still wondering why the HDMI device shows up in the output device list, but is not selectable, when speakers/headphones are connected to the 3,5mm out.
    i hope apple fixes this bug/feature(?)…

  2. Nice Tipp. Thank you. But why don´t you use the headphone connector of your monitor? Sure it´s a minor bug and ist isn´t fixed yet (Oct 18th 2013), but another advantage is, that on a standalone device like a mac mini for example i always have the volume of the internal speakers minimized to avoid this annoying startup sound after pressing the power button.

    • I’m glad it worked for you too!
      You gave me a nice tip, I’ve to try your solution also. Dankeschön! In the meantime, all the best, tschüss!

  3. This is a great fix, thank you sir! Just updated to ML10.8.5 today and was ready to scream when I saw this glitch. We use our Mini as an HTPC daily…

    • WOW! That’s great! Another person in the world is a little bit happier now 😀 Let’s hope they get rid of this glitch in Mac Os X ‘Mavericks’
      All the best! bye 🙂


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