Bookmarks Are Dead. (At least for me.)

In the recent past I was struggling to get my 1000+ bookmarks organized(folders and sub folders and subsubfolders and on..).

I tend to accumulate every little piece of interesting thing I find on the interweb.
I asked my social-contacts what should I do with too much bookmarks, how to deal with them, how to organized them.
Answers varied from “delete them!” to “You must be organized!” and even to “Bookmarks?”

Yeah, why bookmarks? All in all, I don’t feel like they helped me that much since the web become so full of contents.

And then I searched a little bit and found this page, that kind of pretty much answered my question about the need of bookmarks, and their purpose. They even mention Delicious, that I thought exinct!
I’m the one who tends to bookmark sites to “save” their content.

For time (even before asking my social-contacts) I thought to try to develop an extension for the browser that would save informations about that page and not only the URL: like contents, tags, and whatever.
In that way when I’m looking for information, I thought, I’ll no longer tied to the mnemonic operation of remembering the right URL. I justsearch‘ into my bookmarks like I do search on Google!

Well seemed a nice idea, by the way I’ve never implemented it.

At the same time I was using Evernote to save my notes and stuff like that, and thanks to the extension for Chrome, also saving one or two pages when suddenly I began to understand that I already had the solution of my problem in my hands!
I deleted almost all bookmarks that turned out to be old stuff which I didn’t even remember why I put them in bookmarks and now I’m using only Evernote to save pages, and it lets me search in notes while I’m searching in Google: perfect integration!
It’s almost love. Complete love will be when Google does one of the followings:

  • buys Evernote and integrate this service in Chrome by default.
  • Google develops its own system of saving copies of web pages and search through them.

Now I have almost everything I need “in the browser” itself. Well, in the ‘cloud’.
Try it out to find if this solution works for you, and feel free to show me better solutions!


3 thoughts on “Bookmarks Are Dead. (At least for me.)

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    • Thanks a lot! I appreciate your feedback, and I’m glad this post helped you 🙂 🙂 🙂 let’s hope that google makes this integration to make the web a more productive place! see you soon, bye! 🙂


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